"MSLU Bulletin"

    Moscow State Linguistic University (MSLU) provides classical university training in the Humanities as part of the scheme of continuing education. It is a centre for linguistic education, scholarship, and culture whose priorities include training high-level professionals in Linguistics and the Humanities.

    Over time, MSLU has trained more than 80,000 practitioners in the field and awarded more than 6,000 doctoral and post-doctoral degrees. Among our graduates are prominent government and political leaders, well-known educators, translators and interpreters, academics, diplomats and journalists.

    MSLU is the largest university in Russia teaching Linguistics and the Humanities with 10,000 students studying in 38 foreign languages.

    Vestnik MGLU, or MSLU Bulletin, dates back to 1940 when the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute for Modern Languages began to publish Collections of Academic Papers. In 2002, the Collections got the status of a periodic academic journal and the name of Vestnik MGLU.

    As of July 2014, the Bulletin has been an open access journal available online at and at, Russian Scientific Electronic Library.

    In June 2016, the Vestnik was reregistered as three separate publications:

    • Vestnik MGLU. Gumanitarniye Nauki / MSLU Bulletin: the Humanities (former Vestnik of Moscow State Linguistic University. Humanitarian Sciences)
    • Vestnik MGLU. Obrazovaniye i Pedagogicheskiye Nauki / MSLU Bulletin: Education and Pedagogical Sciences (former Vestnik of Moscow State Linguistic University. Education and Pedagogical Studies)
    • Vestnik MGLU. Obschestvenniye Nauki / MSLU Bulletin: Social Sciences (former Vestnik of Moscow State Linguistic University. Social Sciences)